Effect of P6 acupressure on morning sickness

Lin MH, Yang YC, Wang KG
“Effect of P6 acupressure on morning sickness”
Department of Obs. and Gyn., Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

PURPOSE: A prospective study was undertaken to value the effectiveness of pressure at P6 (Neiguan) acupuncture point in preventing morning sickness. OBJECTIVES AND METHOD: Three groups of patients in early pregnancy recorded the severity and frequency of sickness over a period of 7 consecutive days following daily pressure at P6 point, pressure at other point of forearm and no treatment. RESULTS: A significant difference between the severity of sickness in the control group and those having P6 acupressure and a significant difference between the controls and the Dummy acupressure series. Sickness was significantly less severe in patients practising P6 acupressure than in those using a Dummy point. No side effect occurred in patients practising p6 acupressure and while anticipation of benefit may offer a partial explanation for the findings, pressure at the Neiguan point appears to have a specific therapeutic effect.

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