The use of simple acupressure bands reduces post-operative nausea

Phillips K.
“The use of simple acupressure bands reduces post-operative nausea”
Leicester Gill. B. Sc. (England), M.Sc.

PURPOSE: a trial of the use of Sea-Bands to off set post operative nausea. OBJECTIVES and METHOD: a randomised trial using 80 gynaecological surgery cases, since tha patients are anecdotally regarded as “sick”. 40 of the patients were invited to have sustained acu-pressure using Sea Bands and the remaining 40 were matched on age and type of operation and used as a control group. They were not offered any alternative pre-operative treatment. Those taking part in the study were asked to asses their level of nausea on a linear analogue scale 2 days post operatively i.e. to make a mark on a scale going from “terrible sick” (value 10) to “not sick at all” (value 0). The level of sickness was assessed by measuring the total reduction in the amount of anti-emetic drugs used post-opeartively. RESULTS: After statistical analysis the study clearly demonstrated that patients wearing the bands had significantly reduced nausea and vomiting, were sick for a shorter time and had fewer doses of anti-emetics than the control group. Those patients wearing Sea Bands receveid 15.5% less doses of anti-emetics drugs.

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