P6 Acupuncture – an effective non-toxic anti-emetic in cancer chemotherapy

Dundee JW, Abram WP
“P6 Acupuncture – an effective non-toxic anti-emetic in cancer chemotherapy”
Northern Ireland Radiotherapy Centre, Montgomery House, Belvoir Park Hospital, Belfast, EIRE.

Nausea and vomiting, ever present problems in cancer chemotherapy, are often not controlled by standard anti-emetics. In 105 patients, receiving a variety of agents, whose sickness persisted despite anti-emetics, we proceeded the next course of therapy with P6 electro acupuncture (ACP) and continued the anti-emetics as before. Symptoms were completely relieved in 66 patients, with a further 33 having marked reduction in sickness i.e. 94% success. Three patients who had dropped out from cisplatin therapy because of sickness were persuaded to try ACP and completed their treatment with little sickness. A limited cross over showed a point at R elbow to be ineffective as anti-emetic. The anti-emetic action of invasive P6 ACP lasts 6-8 hours and this can be prolonged to 24 hours by application of a Sea-Band® – elasticated band with a stud which is placed over p6 point and pressed for 5 minutes every 2 hour by the patients. This has been effective in 21725 patients studied. There were no side effects associated with this simple anti-emetic therapy. To be effective, ACP must be applied 5-10 minutes before chemotherapy, which is much shorter than the time for standard anti-emetics.

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