Use of acupressure bands in Chemotherapy

Denise M Stannard SRN
“Use of acupressure bands in Chemotherapy”
Tehidy Hospital, Camborne, Cornwall

INTRODUCTION: Being a sailor and nurse he became aware of the comparison of sea sickness and the nausea and vomiting for chemotherapy patients and decided that maybe the acupressure bands his family successfully used for sea sickness could also be helpful to the patients of Hospital.
TRIAL: 1) PLACEMENT OF BANDS: a) must be correct acupressure P6 position on the wrist using patients own 3 finger for measurement b) doctors need to place the I/V infusion needle above the bands c) if only one bend used – not so effective. 2) NAUSEA – this still remains at times with some patients but is greatly reduced. 3) VOMITING – is reduced by 75% on most patients and some patients have no vomiting. 4) – ANTIEMETICS DRUGS – these still needed to some degree in most patients but may be taken orally and the amount of PRN I/M drug is reduced. 5) DEPRESSION – less depression and on return for further courses have not dreaded the nausea and vomiting. 6) ORAL FLUIDS – are tolerated in some cases light diet 7) ON DISCHARGE – post chemotherapy nausea has been non existent on using Sea-Band®. Patient A – used them for two weeks after treatment Patient D – completely relieved after feeling nauseated for four months after previous treatments. 8) COSTINGS – use of Sea-Band® has reduced a. Drug costs b. Laundry costs c. Nursing time – due vomiting. 9) FUTURE USE – in Hospice nursing, Anaesthesia, Pregnancy. CONCLUSION: The unit has found much greater nursing satisfaction in being able to help the patients and after apprehension by some staff, they are all convinced both scientifically and mentally that Sea-Band® are successful

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